Alexander Galitsky


Born in 1957.

1975 – Graduate of the Moscow Art and Industrial College.

1983 – Graduate of the Moscow Teaching Studies University.

Member of the USSR Designer Association from 1988.

1991-1992 – Lecturer in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – Jerusalem.

1993 -2005 – Art Director and Graphic Department Leader in the Centre of Educational Technology, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Author and Designer of Slava Polunin’s website –

In 2003 published a book with his own paintings “Routine”.

In 2004 designed and illustrated Leonid Pesok’s book “Paper Clown”, published in the US and in Israel.

Works in computer and hands-on graphics mixing techniques like color pencils, ink, aquarelle.

Created a series of computer-generated printed drawings (60X90cm) and a series of computer animations.

2002 – current – Teaches elderly people wood-carving in several retirement homes in Israel