Sergey Ryapolov


born in Voronezh (Russia), 1988 works and lives in Voronezh Education: 2013 – Voronezh State University, faculty of Philosophy and psychology, Ontology and Epistemology Department; 2018 – Voronezh State University, faculty of Philosophy and psychology, Ethics Department. Personal exhibition: 2018 – “The coastline of the Cretaceous steppe”, together with Yegor Astapchenko; Divnogorie, “Gallery in the Divnyj lane”; 2016 – “The Near Faraway”, together with Yegor Astapchenko, curator Ivan Novikov; Moscow, Center Red; 2015 – “November”, Voronezh, Voronezh center for contemporary art; 2015 – “Exhibition of Sergey Ryapolov”, curator Ivan Isaev; Moscow, curatorial workshop “Triangle”; 2015 – “Tops and roots”; Voronezh, Cultural center “Campanella”. Sergey Ryapolov exhibited in the center for contemporary art “Vinzavod”  (Moscow), gallery “KultProject” (Moscow), gallery “Lyuda” (St.-Petersburg), gallery “H.L.A.M.” (Voronezh), the Center Red (Moscow), gallery “Elektrozavod” (Moscow), Voronezh center for contemporary art and other sites. Participant of discussions on contemporary art, organized by the National centre for contemporary arts, the National Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the Voronezh center for contemporary art. Published in Russian and European scientific and journalistic publications.