Denis Patrakeev


Was born in 1987, Leningrad, Russia.
Educated in Gertcen University, the Faculty of Arts The member of Artists Union from 2008

Personal Exhibitions

2017 "World in flux"/Anna Nova Gallery/Saint-Petersburg
2016 "Weakening of a sing" Luda Gallery /  together with Ivan Karpov
2016 "Metanoia" , Luda gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 "DAY ONE", Nepokorennie 17, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014- « Mustard seed», Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014- "Sheba", Bobby Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014- «361 degrees /2», Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2013- «Witness», OED Gallery, Kochi biennale, India
2012- «Reconstructor», Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012- «361 degrees» , Erarta Gallery, London
2011- « Proections», Nepokorennie studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011- «The Earth of plays», State Centre of Contemporary Arts, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011- «Gastra OZ», The Door Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Group exhibitions

2018 Family/0+/Saint-Petersburg
2018 Impossible is inevitable/Jewish Museum/Moscow
2018 Love I Create / DKGromov/ Saint-Petersburg

2017-18 The RAFT. Art is (not) lonely/Mu.Zee/Begium
2017 ARCAM/The Essence/ LAMO/Leh /India
2017 History of the present / VCSI / Voroneg
2017 It's time for me to decay and you to blossom 3/ Marina Gisich Gallery
2017 It's time for me to decay and you to blossom 2/ Kunst House/ Tartu/ Estonia
2017 It's time for me to decay and you to blossom 1/Voronja Gallery/ Estonia
2017 Fractals and structures/ Cultproject Gallery/Moscow
2017 3x3/Belaivo Gallery/Moscow
2017 Inner Manifesto/Graund/Moscow
2017 Takeoff!/VDNH/Moscow
2017 "Phantasy in everydaylife" Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2016 «Wave Theory. Production of of viewers» Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 "Cinema of Dreams" Gallery-Studio Ground, Moscow, Russia
2016 «Prototype # 2» Sergei Kuryokhin Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2016"The Secret Garden" Museum of Anna Akhmatova
2016 "Simple name synonyms favorites" Parallel programs. Biennale of Young Art
V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
2016 "5 rooms.", Loft Project Etagi, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2015 "We must cultivate our garden", Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2015 "Intertext",Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg
2015 6 Moscow Biennal of Contemporary Art, Panopticym, Moscow, Russia
2015 OSTRALE, Drezden, Germany
2015 "Daha 409", Komarovo, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2015 independently/separately, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014- Yougorgskiy period, Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg
2014- Vienna Fair, Vienna, Austria
2014 "Interspace", Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014- "RuArts", IV Moscow International Biennial for Young Art, Moscow, Russia
2014- "Signal", Signal factory, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014- "Refugee Camp", Salon art-project, parallel program of Manifesta 10, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013- Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2013- ArtSpace Event, ArtPlay, Moscow, Russia
2013- Volta9, Basel, Switzerland

2012- «Crosses», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012- «Social networks», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012- «New Ampire», Anglettere Hotel (Anna Nova Gallery project), Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012- «Elastic arts», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012г. «Present, Past and Future», Erarta Gallery, London

2011г. «Peter and Wolf», Erarta gallery, London
2011г. «Autumn aggravation», Manege exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011- «Stability», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010г.- «21 gramm»- Art hall Poligraf. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2010г. «Manipulations», Kitchen studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2010г. «Black gold ». Kitchen studio, SAint-Petesburg, Russia

2009г. «Childhood of our eyes.» , Markov Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2008г. «Men and women legs in 21century » The Gallery of Chateuo the Rious Castle, France

2006г. «New names » , Museum of nonkonformism arts, Pushkinskaya 10, Saint- Petersburg, Russia