Alexander Morozov


Born in Lugansk, USSR in 1974
Lives and works in St Petersburg and Moscow
2002 — graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, Russia
1999–2000 — Educational program in Pro Arte Institute ‘Practicum. New Technology in Contemporary Art’. Prof. Alexey Shulgin,St Petersburg, Russia
Creates works of paintings, graphics, sculpture and installations.

Solo shows

‘Politia’, CCI Fabrika, Moscow
‘Space Lines‘, CCA Zarya, Vladivostok
‘Cosa Mentale’, Gisich Gallery, St Petersburg
‘Garden’, Book Graphics Library, St Petersburg
‘Factum’, Luda Express gallery in ‘New Holland’ open air art space, St Petersburg
‘The Human Factor’, with Alexander Artemov, Algallery, St Petersburg
‘Cinderella Effect’, Navicula Artis gallery, St Petersburg
‘Radiation’, Navicula Artis gallery, St Petersburg
‘The Classical Garden of German Romanticism’, Botanical Museum, St Petersburg

Selected group shows

‘New Art from St. Petersburg’, Тартусский дом искусства, Тарту
‘New Art from St. Petersburg’, Городская галерея Пярну, Пярну
‘RUSSIA. REALISM. XXI CENTURY’, The Russian Museum, St Petersburg
‘The practice of contact’. XI Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale. Krasnoyarsk
‘Signs of the Time, or In Search of Identity’, Special Projects of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. KultProekt Gallery, ‘
‘No Time’, a Special Projects of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. WINZAVOD CCA, Moscow
The 3rd Ural Industrial biennial of contemporary art. Artist-in-Residence Program. Ekaterinburg
‘Cementa’, Borey Gallery, St Petersburg
‘The Other Capital’, Museum of Moscow, Moscow
‘Black envy’ in a Parallel Events of the Manifesta 10, Borey Gallery, St Petersburg
‘Kommunal Ghetto’ as a part of ‘Apartment Art as Domestic Resistance’ exhibition Public programs Manifesta 10, St Petersburg
‘Signal’, ‘KB Signal’, St Petersburg,
‘Perceiving Art’, St Petersburg State Library for the Blind, St Petersburg
‘Perceiving Art. Exhibition of Contemporary Art for Visually Impaired Children’, The Arsenal building. Nizhny Novgorod
‘Zoo-Zoo’, The State Darwin Museum, Moscow
‘Saving Venice’, Gisich Gallery, St Petersburg
‘Drunk Exhibition to the Centenary of Russian Аvant-garde’, Borey Gallery, St Petersburg
The 11th Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art ‘Kaliningrad—Konigsberg 2013’. The Kaliningrad State Art Gallery. Kaliningrad
Art Prospect Festival, St Petersburg
V Biennale ‘New ideas for the city.’ The Garden City. Green urbanism, The Museum of Urban Sculpture. St Petersburg
Season of St Petersburg Art. Navicula Artis. ‘Found in St Petersburg’. Kultproekt gallery, Moscow, Russia
Baltic Biennale 2012, Rizzordi Art Foundation, St Petersburg, Russia
‘BljuDo i posle’, St Peter and Paul Foretress, Exhibition Hall of Ioannovsky (St John’s) Ravelin, St Petersburg, Russia
Nel Modo Russico, Ten 43 gallery, NY, USA
‘Conversion’, art-quarter ‘Quarter’, St Petersburg,
‘The Big Format’, Algallery, St Petersburg,
‘10-10’, 3H+K gallery, Pori, Finland
‘Total Contemporary’ (video installation ‘Gem?th’), loft Rizzordi Art Foundation, St Petersburg
‘Appointed Art’, Modernariat gallery, St Petersburg
‘Death Penalty. Pro and contra’ (installation ‘Submortem Experience Registration’), with Eugenia Ryzhkova, The Museum of Political History, St Petersburg,
‘Good/Bad’, Dostoevsky Museum, St Petersburg,
Festival ‘Digital Art Days’, Kirov
‘Microfest 01 Pro’, Pro Arte Institute, St Petersburg, Russia
‘The Octopus’ project, with Stanislav Makarov, Art Gavan' gallery, St Petersburg
‘Divietodisosta’. Artezero gallery, Milan
‘Faces of the Holy’, New Academy of Fine Arts gallery, St Petersburg

Сheese Awards Gray Columnists
Nominee of Artaward International Strabag, Wien
Nominee of Sergey Kuryokhin Award, St Petersburg
The 11th Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art Kaliningrad—Konigsberg, Special Diploma

Museum collections and funds

The Perm Gallery
The State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg
Kaliningrad State Art Gallery. Kaliningrad
Library of book graphics, St. Petersburg
Krasnoyarsk Museum Center. Krasnoyarsk
The Fund of Vladir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, Moscow

Private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, Estonia, Latvia