Natasha Arendt


Born in Moscow in 1959
Graduated from Stanislavsky Moscow Theatrical School (stage design).
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1996.


  • The Russian Museum (SPb), 
  • Tretyakovskya Gallery, 
  • Leonid Talochkin collection,
  • Ca Foskare,Venice, 
  • Alberto Sandretti Collection,
  • The Moscow Museum of Architecture (MUAR),
  • Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (Jersey City,US), 
  • I. Aivazovskiy Gallery (State Museum Ukraine),
  • The Nukus State Museum (Uzbekistan),
  • M. Voloshin Museum (Koktebel, Crimea),
  • Leonid Talochkin Muzeum RGGU and others.

Private collections:
Alexander Glezer, Andrew Logan, Irina Stoliarova,
Natalia Kournikova, Carolinda Tolstoy and others.