Peter Perevezentsev


Peter Perevezentsev 

Was born in 1962 in Moscow.He graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute, art and technology faculty.The works by Peter Perevezentsev are held in collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), the State HermitageMuseum (St. Petersburg), the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Mayakovsky State Museum (Moscow), the Art Museum ofthe city of Yaroslavl, the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), the Bavarian State Library (Munich), theState Library and State Museum of Berlin, the Museum of Book and Font Art (Offenbach am Main), the Saxon State Library (Dresden),The Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven).


Every artist frames his own, unique world. For an artist to truly express himself; he must move pastsimple creation. An artist cannot stop at presenting his work to the spectator. He must subsequentlydistance himself from the role of the Creator so as to explore the uncharted territory that comeswith anonymity.

“My strategy is a game, a game of mystification. I declare each of my creations as a body of artifacts.I become a discoverer, an archaeologist of sorts. This is an intellectual game of self-irony, it hasnothing to do with the fantasy genre and its defining characteristic of engineered construction.

On the contrary, I search for connections between my objects, my “finds”. I search for their place inan imaginary reality. I feel the very captivation felt by Egyptologists of the Napoleonic expeditionsupon uncovering the pyramids of Giza.

A Russian poet, an Absurdist from the first half of the 20th century named Daniil Charms wrote thefollowing regarding his work: “I love to write poems and learn from them”…▸ Kopisa – the world of the systematic absurd which I discovered in a similar manner through theartifacts


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