Andrew Grositsky


1934 born in Moscow
1959 graduated MGHI them. Surikov (Faculty of Painting)
since 1968 member of the Union of Artists

Nancy and the Norton the Dodge collection, Zimmerly Art Museum then, the Rutgers University then, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Gregori Gallery, Washington, USA
Trossingen-Folksbank, Klagenfurt, Austria
E.Nutovich, L.Melihov, V.Patsyukov And .Beletskaya, G.Osetsimskaya, A. Glezer, A.Zaripov, Moscow
E.Degov, Souren Melikian, Paris, France
F.Shmorl, Berlin, Germany
Ya.Bar-Gera, Cologne, Germany
A.Eremin, Mainz, Germany
M .Forman, New York, USA
P.Novitsky, Warsaw, Poland
D.Sperling, London, UK


1988 Troitsk, Moscow region.
1991 "Andrey Grositsky". Central heating House of Artists, Moscow
1993 Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "New Jerusalem", Istra, Moscow region.
1994 "Andrey Grositsky". Gregori Gallery, Washington, USA
"New dimensions of reality" (with Gerard van de Utelaar). Municipal Gallery "A 3", Moscow
1995 "The wall of alienation." Gallery "Seven nails." Russian-American Press Center, Moscow
1997 "Living Things". Gallery "A-3", Moscow


1975 "Exhibition of works of Moscow artists". ENEA, the pavilion "Culture House", Moscow
1976 Group exhibition of Moscow artists (experimental). Jogging street. 7-9, Moscow
1987 "The Artist and Modernity". First Creative Association of Artists in Moscow. "Kashirka", Moscow
"Retrospective of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987." l / the "Hermitage", Profsoyuznaya ul., d. 100, Moscow
"Object 1". M., 28, Moscow
1988 "Labyrinth". Youth Palace, Moscow
1990, together with N. Kasatkin, DA Prigov, I. Shelkovskiy. "Kashirka" Moscow
"Towards the Object". "Kashirka" Moscow
"Washington - Moscow". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1990-91 "The Other Art. Moscow 1956-1976". Gallery "Moscow Collection". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; RM, Leningrad
1991 "Washington-Moscow". Carnegie Library, Washington, USA
"In de USSR en Erbuiten". Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The exhibition from the collection of the Historical and Architectural Museum "New Jerusalem." Istra, Moscow region.
"Iron Way". Exhibition Hall of the Railway District, Moscow
"Cultural Exchange. Washington-Moscow". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 Group Exhibition. Of Volksbank, Trossingen, Germany Group Exhibition. RIA-Novosti, Moscow
exhibition from the collection of the Historical and Architectural Museum "New Jerusalem." Cinema Center,
Moscow 1993 Group Exhibition. Klagenfurt, Austria
"ART MIF 3". Gallery Gregory. Manege, Moscow
1994 "Claustrophobia colors." Cinema Center, Moscow
Gallery "Moscow Fine Art", Moscow
gallery exhibition "Social." Kuznetsky Most, 11, Moscow
1995 "The autonomy of art." "Le Chat" Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"between body and sign." Tverskaya 20, Moscow
Collection Alexander Glaser. Museum of Private Collections. Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, Moscow
"Art without barriers". Exhibition Hall, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, d. 20, Moscow
"A 1, A 2, A 3". Gallery "A 3", Moscow
1996 "The Dialogue of Generations". Gallery "A-3", Moscow
"Gallery Journal" Social. "Moscow
" Avantgarde from Russia. 1960-1980 ".Gregory Gallery, New York, USA
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1997 "Credo." Russian Cultural Foundation, Moscow
"Dialogue of Generations". Art Museum, Yaroslavl
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" Art nonconformists of the Soviet Union "(a collection of Nancy and Norton Dodge, United States). Mucharnok, Budapest, Hungary
International Art Fair "Art Manege" (meeting E.M.Nutovicha and A.Eremina (Mainz, Germany). Manege, Moscow