Dmitriy Ikonnikov


Born in Murmansk on 31 January 1952.

After graduating from high school in 1969, worked as an artist in the monument workshop of the Moscow Regional Artworks Plant.

At the same time, he attended evening drawing classes at Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute.

1972–1976 – Studied graphics and arts at the V.I. Lenin Moscow State Teacher’s Training Institute.

In 1976 Ikonnikov was admitted directly to the 2nd Year of Graphic’s Faculty at the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute with the support of the famous Soviet artist E.A. Kibrik.

1981 – Graduated from Savostyuk workshop of Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute.

1989 – Participated in an expedition of fishing boats  to the White and Barents Seas.

His experiences became the basis for a series of works called “Life within the Arctic Circle”.

Dmitry Ikonnikov is the author of illustrations for several books such as “Cast-Iron Grandmother” by P. Bazhov, “Djelsomino in the country of liars” by Djanny Rodari, “Desire to live” by V. Shukshin and “If you do not like – do not listen” by A. Afanasiev.

Since 1993 he has been a member of the International Arts Fund.

In 1998 Ikonnikov became a member of Russia’s Artists’ Union.

The artist’s works were awarded the following prizes and diplomas:

In 2007 – the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of Russia.

In 2009 – the Diploma and Second prize at the International Art Salon, Grand Palais, Paris, France.

Since 1974 he has taken part in over 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Fifteen of them were solo exhibitions.