Haim Sokol

1973 Born in Archangelsk, USSR 
1991 Emigrated to Israel
2006-2007 Moscow Institute of the Contemporary Art 
2004 Hebrew University in Jerusalem, M.A. in Jewish Education 
2003-2005 Mandel School for Educational Leadership, Jerusalem 
1996 Hebrew University in Jerusalem, B.A in Hebrew linguistics and Jewish literature.
Since 2007 lives and works in Moscow
Lecturer in Rodchenko School for Photography and Multimedia, Moscow

2013 Honorary Mention for the film “I am Spartacus” ( 2011) ,“Tomorrow\Zavtra”, Annual International Festival of Independent Cinema, Moscow, Russia 
2009 The “New Generation” special prize at the Annual Russian National Award for Contemporary Visual Arts “Innovation”

2011 “Artists in residence” program by “Kulturkontakt”, Vienna, Austria

Film\Video festivals 
2012 “Tomorrow\Zavtra”, Annual International Festival of Independent Cinema, Moscow, Russia 
2012 “Now&After”, International Video Art Festival, Moscow, Russia

2011 “Frozen Dreams: Contemporary Art from Russia”, ed. Hossein Amirsadeghi, Jo Vickery, Thames&Hudson, London 
2010 “Haim Sokol 2006-2010”, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia 
2010 “Russian Povera”, Russia! Publishing New York

Igal Ahouvi Collection, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Collection of Loushy: Art&Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, Russia 
National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia 
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia 
PERMM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia 
Art4.Ru Museum, Moscow, Russia 
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia