For the tenth anniversary of the KultProekt gallery, the gallery curators invited several artists to participate in the jubilee exhibition and to share their thoughts on the theme of the universe and light.

Vladimir Nasedkin, Tatyana Badanina, Platon Infante and Daria Konovalova-Infante. Each artist explored the theme of universe individually, but still complemented each other by creating the unity of artistic thoughts.

Vladimir Nasedkin’s exquisite graphics open up to the viewers the veil of the universe's secrets: his work from the cycle “Parade of Planets” makes you think about the relationship between chaotic universe and the harmonistic structure of existence.

Tatyana Badanina explores the theme of the relationship between light and darkness. Her objects refer the viewer to the biblical theme of the birth of light.

Daria Konovalova-Infante and Platon Infante explore a new dimension, the reverse side of the moon invisible to our sight.

Platon Infante about his work "Trajectory": "On the border of the virtual and the real world there is a relationship of a new dimension. So in this case a real static object acquires a trajectory of movement in virtual space."

Daria Konovalova-Infante created the work “Tet-a-tet”, in which the object and the work with the light complement each other.

Alexander Morozov presented to the audience his series of works devoted to classical Italian painting.

Paper installations of Peter Perevezentsev and Sergey Yakunin were shown in one of the gallery halls.

25.12.18 - 24.01.19