Ustina Yakovleva - a young russian artist who has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Russia, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Despite Ustina mostly works as a graphic artist, she does experiments with semi-abstract graphics and fabric objects, that evoke an image of the pre-human organic world. “Large part of my practice is constituted by graphic works which consist of identical individual strokes which grow into abstract forms. It is a kind of automatic writing which binds the time in to the material form.Some projects I develop are figurative and represent imagined or real landscapes, various techniques allow to reveal the peculiarities and variativeness of the same landscape, depending on objective and subjective factors. I create works without sketches, as I am interested in self-forming composition as part of the creation process”

The artworks made by Kirill Rave showed that virtual reality stimulates diversity. By using the Internet we escape reality and annoying factors. Searching for ideal, with the help of modern gadgets we construct the new reality, which meets our expectations.Virtual life changes accepted norms of communication, modifies the concepts of friendship and love.Sometime later the perception of art is also changed: traditional values are forced to coexist with post-postmodern.

07.03 - 10.03.2019