Yuri Kuper. Paintings. Objects.


Yuri Cooper is truly an artist of the world. He has exhibitions in museums and galleries in New York and Paris, London, Japan, Geneva, Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities. The artist works in different techniques and genres, using material with complex textural surfaces, he works with rusty metal, old plywood, canvas, paper, old artifacts collected by the artist and turned into unique objects of art during his work. In his works, Yuri Cooper does not just recreate the world of things but explores the time itself.

 Yuri Cooper works in the theater as well. He acted as a stenographer and costume designer (“Boris Godunov” at the Bolshoi Theater, “Carmen” in Rostov-on-Don, “The Nutcracker” in Minsk, etc.) Yuri Cooper is the author of the play “Twelve paintings from the artist’s life”, according to which in the Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov the performance was staged. In 2015, his book Sfumato, a biographical novel, was published. In addition, Yuri Cooper works in the field of interior design and object design, makes jewelry and porcelain objects, he made and implemented a number of architectural projects as well.

09.07 - 11.08.2019