The Kultproekt gallery begins a series of new exhibitions - "Environment contexts".

The first project within a cycle - the ARCHIPELAGO of the PEACOCK of the Petersburg artists Vlad Kulkov and Marya Dmitriyeva.
Installation of an exhibition represents three-part space. There will be ceramic objects; the various subjects found by artists, plans and documents; objects "gaping" and "chapel" with a list of internal space. 
"It is possible to imagine, try to imagine travel which you will soon take part in – on what to be based this imagination? The roads passed already, roads to closed seas, reconstruction of news which turned into sentimental archive over time – the pleasant tickling of memory splits a visible figure of the wanderer to weave from the burned-out print nonsense literally of spirit, the seer, the magician and the expert on various surfaces on which it is possible to lay a route of the new imagination. Also business with the description of the exhibition which isn't seen in a flesh by authors is. Meanwhile we imagine this way to the archipelago of a peacock as a narration, the nonlinear novel in which each chapter embodied through painting, graphics or opredmechenny in sculptural composition finds the place among other heads, being built in unique sequence thanks to readers magicians with whom and we, authors seek to reincarnate. The found subjects, sketches made in distant wanderings, excerpts from the diary of supervision over strange cultures and works synonymous about receding back in area invented the period – all this will serve reflections as material for a reconstruction of the metaphorical map of the recreated archipelago".

Marya Dmitriyeva