“We know what joys and sufferings are in the arch of the gate, in any corner of the street, between the walls of the room or in the space of the box,” wrote Kiriko. This is “the space of the box”, its contents, things removed from the mezzanine or taken out of old suitcases immerse the viewer in a series of associative memories. Boxes are waiting for moving or changing contents, or will be in the trash soon. The painting work "Moving" is the center of the exhibition. A dozen small works on canvas, drawings and sketches interact with it. Works other than lava, almost all black and white or using the grisaille technique. The objects deprived of real color taken out by the author from imaginary boxes and suitcases “talk” with each other. Their monotonous recount becomes the leitmotif of the exhibition. The author provides viewers with the opportunity to recall their “pantries and mezzanines”. Each person has its own associations and memories of the objects around them. Some forgotten objects lie near the  ordinary household items. The objects refer to the events of life, summer childhood, hikes and hobbies of the viewer’s youth. Things being the true witnesses tell us about us.


04.09 - 02.10.2019