Stars and sounds


The new project of KultProekt Gallery directs our perception to the system of star constellations, visualization of the sound and semantic series in the space of musical constructions of the star order. Are the relationships verbally described in the system of the musical staff, graphically and mathematically, or in the laws of nonlinear geometry, in the sense of infinity, the endlessness of the space and the insufficiency of our knowledge about it? Do we have knowledge about vectors, the number of spatial dimensions, harmony, which is emerging from the depths of formative chaos? How is the harmony of stars built? Do we have anything in common with the secret of the universe? Do we find inner strength, joy and harmony in building our own universes? Is the man being a star himself? Whose inner burning illuminates the entire path? Kirill Alexandrov creates the magic of optical paintings with the help of graphic compositions placed in a mirrored cylindrical shell. Optical illusions and the transformation of the image turn his art works into voluminous objects of futuristic architecture, sealed, but changeable. The works of Tatyana Badanina, full of refined poetics, send us to the sensations of black and white nuances, the incomprehensible depth of space and the atmosphere of the sacrament.

20.12.2019 – 29.01.2020