CADAF Miami - 2019. Broken room



Human life cannot exist without mistakes, any experience is essential a series of errors. With new technologies and new opportunities the struggle between chaos and order remains. We hope our inventions wil be stable, and then failures happen which can sometimes destroy our fragile world of plans and expectations. The «Broken Room» instalation continues to change and curently represents an image of a perfect world. The fractals symbolises the win of ideal world of high digital technologies over chaos. VOIDAGE Video Voidage as a starting point is interesting because it does not have a scale, the lack of borders and of the ability to compare it with something creates an uncertainty that can sometimes be impossible to understand. We can also suggest that voidage is the end of everything, a critical oversaturation or separation until any reference point are lost. Every part of the video starts and ends with it, creating a rhythm. The presence of cavities in the voidage alows to return to the habitual perception of forms. In the end it is “voidage – cavities = form”. Like a sculptor who cuts away anything unnecessary in order to achieve the desired result, by using mathematical formulas we can create complex structures to present a new reality. Aside from fractals, glitch elements are also used in the video – cut shapes and everything that digital artists usualy avoid when working with such constructs. The main theme is the changing of the mater from voidage to form and back. The video consists of 3 parts separated by different music themes. The empty ratle, sometimes chaotic, sometimes rhythmic, immerses you into new aesthetics. It absorbs the silence and complements every part – different in dynamics, length and complexity of the deformation structure. If we take away the shape from the shape, what remains is just the mater – a voidage. Whether it is the beginning or the end, it is up to you to decide.

04.12 - 08.12.2019