Egor Plotnikov. Eugenia Buravleva. Painting. Sculpture


Egor Plotnikov. Menorca (painting, sculpture, 2019)

A new series of picturesque canvases and sculptures by Egor Plotnikov is devoted to the landscapes of the Menorca island. Not the most "obvious" place to visit for travelers: sun-scorched pastures, stony soil, rocks, sand. Ascetic deserted landscapes of hills, roadsides, stone fences are the artist's favorite topics. While visiting a new place, he is always looking for the familiar motive. The details are changing, but there is always a presence of a viewer, who tries to paint beyond the canvas. He carefully walks on both familiar and so unknown land, looks around and freezes, hoping to remember and find out a place he has never been to.


Evgenia Buravleva. "Theory of Light" (painting, 2018 - 2019)

Light refers to those things whose uniqueness a person has ceased to be aware of. Like time and space, light has always been around us. The concept of light cannot be separated from the concepts of time and space. Light has a temporary length, the speed of light is strictly calculated. And also that space begins to exist when light illuminates it. Darkness not only has no spatial expression, but also hides the true state of things. Light and truth are connected with each other. Light, like truth, can be blinding, can turn into a white spot of nothing, if a person cannot or is not ready to perceive. At that moment, everything stops, the space disappears in a white cloud. And only time measuring his turn, gives a person the opportunity to figure everything out.


22.03 - 17.04.2019