The world order, from the biblical version of the origin of the world and the division of darkness into light and darkness, suggests the creation of two different and integral principles, various vector forces and assumptions about the fundamental possibility or impossibility of understanding and comprehending religious or atheistic models of the universe.

The nature of human consciousness, behavior and decision making is mostly based on a choice of simple oppositions, the origin of which is the division of the whole. A person often faces a choice that cannot be avoided, and this choice can be between the lesser of two evils, between cowardice and courage, between betrayal and deed.

To participate in the project “Dichotomy or an attempt to talk about the essential”, we invited the artists who in their work try touching the possibilities of resolving various personal or social conflicts, exploring philosophical or sociopolitical questions, revealing the existential essence by discovering humanistic, universal values.

27.06 – 26.07.2019