Painters of Saint-Petersburg


The exhibition presents unique works of Aron Zinshtein. The artist is being inspired by life itself. Most of the artworks were written over the past few years and has not been exhibited yet. All works are exploring the theme of St. Petersburg. While looking at the pictures, the viewer allegedly walks around Kronstadt with the artist. Some of the works are full of the atmosphere in St. Petersburg in the evening: night streets, light in the windows of houses, the water surface of the canals, the cold charm of a deserted city. The exhibition also presents works made in the traditional, recognizable manner, revealing the artist's favorite topics: human relationships in the city landscape.

The KultProekt Gallery also presents the graphics of artists Irina Vasilyeva and Vladimir Yashka, who at the time were the part of the legendary artistic phenomenon of St. Petersburg’s life - the Mitki group, as a symbol of lifestyle, artistic freedom and individual expressiveness.

30.07 - 30.08.2019