The Point of Growth



The exhibition prepared by KultProekt Gallery refers to the theme of the origin of life. Ustina Yakovleva, Elena Slobtseva and Semyon Agroskin are trying to look into the secrets of the universe, present their version of the origin of the organic world, whose impressions Semen Agroskin extracts by shaping from plastic mass. Ustina Yakovleva slightly touches the topic and presents it with her embroideries and graphic works on canvases, which exquisitely reveal the patterns of the formation of organic forms from simple to complex. This topic is fundamental in the creative search for the artist. “It was interesting for me to study and record the dynamics of these processes at different levels: from unicellular and simple organisms, to complex mammals (humans), and further to the scale of the universe and the birth of stars from a gas nebula… As for me, it was important to find patterns that work at different levels and scales of reality” Ustina uses a very complex and embroidery technique, questioning the audience how it is possible to embroider beads on sheets of custom-made paper and preserve the integrity of its surface. Minimalistic graphics is associated with the sophistication of oriental engravings. Semyon Agroskin extracts organic forms from abstraction that cause associations with figurative objects. Despite the small size of his works, they contain some cosmogonic essences of a universal scale, and are associated with the emergence of forms, when spatial structures only acquired the first contours from the unformed mass, gaining their frames and silhouettes. Elena Slobtseva talks about the ideas of order and chaos in her works. “A fixed history of art, a passed, famous point, and a fixed image of chaotic grass, being organized itself as an image of a white rectangle by a realist. As a starting point, I choose ordered chaos and by using digitalization and creating animations using computer algorithms I bring more chaos / order to this image, which ties my vision to our days or previous ones… "