Signs of the Era, or in Search of Identity


Special Program.
6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


The exhibition consists of different mini-projects which are created from a system of signs and symbols, significant for artists. The project involves artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The exhibition is devoted to understanding the symbolic culture which developed consistently to parallel or contrary to trends of official Russian culture throughout 20 - early 21 century. The current situation raises issues connected to the search of identity even more often. Questions of identity cover various and deep layers, taking features of the Russian mentality, the attitude towards to culture, spirit of a place, to religious, cultural and intellectual values, features of subcultures.

The questions of identity capture a variety of deep layers and extract features of the Russian mentality, attitude towards culture, the spirit of the place, and also religious, spiritual and intellectual values, especially subcultures.

The exposition is based on the interpretation of a sign – iconic or symbolic, which grows out of the sheet plane in the spatial object - installation. The system of signs and symbols, significant for artists, produces a number of independent mini-projects. The main focus is paid on the sign-symbol which materializes in space and takes its independent history, reflecting a difficult and controversial subject in this search of national identity.

Curators: Yulia Manusevich, Irina Solntseva


06.10. - 01.11.2015